Kidalog Baby Food Grinders

Kidalog Baby Food Grinder

The Kidalog Baby Food Mill is an an inexpensive and simple solution for making fresh and healthy consistent puree in small quantities for your baby.The baby food grinder has a base and top (which are made of plastic), a metal disk and blade (they are attached to a crank) and plastic lid. All its parts are extremely durable even under pressure.
The baby food grinder is designed to ensure that it can perform its function effectively. By making its grinding disc and steel blades system metallic, the cutting and grinding of vegetables, fruits and meats is very straightforward. It is seen as one of the most functional baby food grinders available in the market. It disassembles quickly for cleaning and is dishwasher safe (top
rack). It is lightweight and compact and is ideal when camping, travelling, dining out aswell as at home.