Munchkin Baby Food Grinder

The Munchkin Baby Food Grinder is an easy to use, portable food grinder for grinding food into baby food quickly. This baby food grinder requires no batteries or electricity to operate and is great when travelling. It contains three parts. A plastic hollow cylinder, another plastic cylinder that can be inserted into the first one to make a chute to hold the food, and a metal grater that can be inserted into the top edge of the food chute. The metal grater contains a disk with many small holes, and a metal stick underneath that can be rotated by turning a handle When food is pushed upon the metal disk and through the holes, the metal stick can be rotated to cut the food into short stripes. there is a rubber seal that goes all around the “plunger” part that keeps liquid from leaking out.
This baby food processor grinds through soft foods and soft cooked meats with ease. Easy to take apart and clean and very small to keep in a diaper bag etc..for travel.
Ideal baby food grinder for 6+ months. Comes in blue, pink and green colors.