Baby Breeza Baby Food Makers

The Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker steams and purees in the same bowl. It is a fast and easy way for parents to turn the foods they choose into healthy meals for their little ones. The baby food maker is similar to the Babycook as it also has a two and a half cup capacity, and can both steam and puree. However it’s unique feature allows you to steam and then automatically puree food without having to switch settings. This means you can turn it on and walk away, then come back later to a meal ready for your baby. A four cup work bowl allows for extra pureed food which can go straight into the refrigerator or freezer. A built in bottle warmer heats the baby’s bottle to just the right temperature. It includes the cuisinart baby recipe booklet as well as a spatula, bottle adapter ring and integrated measuring cup. The steam blade creates even steam distribution for quicker, more efficient results. The blade lock system holds the blade in place while pouring. The baby food maker features a powerful motor for quick steaming and precise chopping. There is a bowl seal to prevent leaking and improve steaming.

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker

This baby food maker provides hassle free formula preparation. The unique mixing Technology measures and mixes formula powder and water to a perfect consistency. It eliminates the time and hassle of manually preparing baby bottles. The temperature control system heats water to near body temperature, … the optimal temperature for feeding your baby. The water and formula powder are stored in airtight compartments right in the machine.The airtight formula storage section holds up to 700g of formula powder to prepare 20 8-ounce formula bottles. With the push of a button you can prepare a bottle within seconds guaranteeing no air bubbles. The Baby Food Maker works with all bottle sizes and most formula brands. You can also choose the amount of formula you want to make: 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 ounces. In about 20 seconds you will have a full, warm bottle of formula. It is important to clean the funnel and dispenser every day to ensure efficient performance.

The Baby Brezza Food Maker Glass Large 4 Cup Capacity

This food maker has two warming modes. A steady mode for safe heating with warm water to preserve nutrients and a quick mode for fast heating with steam. There is also a simple defrost and a safety defrost for frozen breast milk or baby formula. A free app lets you know when the milk, formula or food is ready. The baby brezza safe + smart bottle warmer features two warming options: steady for breast milk, or fast for formula. It’s safe for breast milk because the steady mode uses water to warm it to body temperature in just minutes, which preserves essential nutrients. The quick mode uses steam to safely heat formula or milk quickly. What’s more, the baby brezza bottle warmer comes with a free Bluetooth compatible app that lets you control the water from your smartphone and alerts you when the bottle is warm and ready. The overall use of this machine is simple, and if you forget for some reason the instructions are on the back of the machine.The removable tray is convenient for removing the bottle.