Kidco Baby Food Mills

The Kidco Deluxe Food Mill with Travel Case

This baby food mill is a convenient way for preparing purees and blending food. The Baby Food Mill does not require either electricity or a battery. The travel tote and snap on lid makes it ideal for travel purposes. The non skid bottom and handle grip makes blending easier. The mill can be conveniently used at the kitchen table. A few seconds is all it takes to process the natural ingredients into wholesome puree. You’ll feed your baby the freshest food this way. It comes apart for easy washing and is dishwasher safe.
With the Kidco Food Mill you are in complete control of your baby’s nutrition while saving money in the process. The stainless steel strainer and blades allow you to process consistent baby food. The travel tote carry case and accessories compartment is a handy addition when travelling or taking the baby food mill along to a restaurant. It comes with 4 ounce serving cup.

The Kidco Basic Natural Feeding System

This is an excellent and handy electric food mill when introducing your baby to fresh and healthy solid foods. You can make very smooth baby food purees when liquid is added to the cooked food. The clean up is very quick and straightforward as the motor is housed in the lid. The other parts of the unit are dishwasher safe. The baby food maker allows you to puree everything from bananas to chicken. The blade can be taken out after blending allowing you to take everything out of the bowl without having to work around the blade. The Kidco Basic Natural Feeding System includes the electric food mill, two freezer trays and the condensed version of the BabySteps Guide with recipes. The food mill features a two cup bowl, non skid bottom, turbo button for pulsating rotations and a blending attachment for more thorough mixing. The seven sections in each tray allow you to prepare bulk servings for seven individual meals. Once frozen the cubes can be popped out and transferred to freezer bags for future use.

Kidco Electric Food Mill with Top 100 Baby Puree Book

This food mill contains a 2 cup bowl, non skid bottom, and a turbo button for pulsating rotations. There is a blending attachment included for more thorough mixing. This electrical food mill is easy to clean and is top rack dishwasher safe (except for the motor/housing). It contains a hundred quick and easy recipes suitable for children aged six months and older ensuring a healthy and happy baby from first tastes and weaning, right through to meals for older babies, The baby food mill allows you to prepare baby food puree from vegetables, fruits or meat in a matter of minutes. It is a great baby food mill when introducing your baby to solid foods. Your baby will enjoy consuming wholesome and home cooked meals. The baby food grinder is ideal for grinding meats, fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s lightweight design ensures that you can use it when travelling or on the go. The medical grade stainless steel is an assurance the product will last for a long time.

The Kidco Electric Food Mill

blends and purees fresh foods into healthy meals for your baby. The Baby Food Mill features a turbo button for pulsing rotations and includes a 2 cup bowl and blending attachment for more thorough mixing. This food processor features a non skid bottom that prevents slippage on your counter. The motor can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge. This food mill does a great job in converting small to medium quantities of food into a consistency that is perfect for your little ones. The attachments and cup are dishwasher safe.

The Kidco BabySteps Food Mill

This baby food mill grinds fruits, vegetables, and meats separating seeds, bone and skin to make great baby food. The baby food mill features a medical grade stainless steel strainer and cutting blade set. The portable size of the Kidco Babysteps Baby Food Mill means it easily fits into a carrier bag while on the go. The snap on lid, non skid grip and base ensures that it is stable on a table or countertop.
The KidCo BabySteps Food Mill is an excellent new innovation in baby products. It is really easy to use anywhere. It does not require external power sources like batteries or electricity to strain, blend or make puree out of food. The appliance comes with a stainless steel blade, removable strainer and nylon travel tote.

KidCo BabySteps Deluxe Food Mill with Travel Tote

KidCo launched this trusty little food mill powered by a hand crank long before pureeing your own baby food became a trendy thing, It’s small enough to fit in your diaper bag, so you can mash up fruit or steamed food wherever you go. At home it takes up very little space on your kitchen counter top. As it is designed to handle only a half a cup at a time, so its best for parents who want to puree at mealtime, rather than make big batches to store for later.